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Making Mexican History in Battle Creek

The greater Battle Creek area has a unique history of Mexican peoples within the larger context of local and national Mexican-American history.  The collection of stories on this page will be posted soon and draw from archival research, oral history interviews, and extensive secondary research. 

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Here you find necessary background information on the structural reasons why Mexican communities have migrated to Michigan, as well as portions of broader Mexican-American history that shape the experiences of MiXicanos today.

Food not only impacts our physical health, but also helps to tell the story of who we are as a community. This section explores the role Mexican food practices have played in the history of our community and begins a dialogue around traditional agriculture and culinary techniques as means for achieving better overall community health and well-being 

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Baile de Battle Creek

There is a storied history of Mexican dance in the Battle Creek area. This section explores this history and documents the ongoing work of dance performers in the area today. 

Adopted from Zacatecas, Mexico by John Harvey and Ella Eaton Kellogg in 1898, Alberto Garcia received most of his education in Battle Creek and went on to become a nationally recognized physician, writer, and community activist for worker's rights and against the KKK. This section explores his incredible journey and legacy. 

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Thank you to the many people and organizations who have made this project possible, including the W. K. Kellogg Foundation, Grand Valley State University, and the Hispanic/Latino Commission of Michigan.

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